Welcome to the Missions History of Churches of Christ!

We are a community of believers who believe strongly in sharing the message of Christ with people worldwide. Until now, much of our missions story has been largely untold, written perhaps in the journals of missionaries past and present and sometimes recounted in prayer letters sent to a handful of individuals and churches. As missionaries pass from this life, often the history of their work is sadly lost. We are hoping to change that by collaboratively compiling that history here.

We are limiting our efforts to the a cappella Churches of Christ. That's right, we're the group that sings in worship without the accompaniment of musical instruments, though that is changing in some of our congregations. The only reason we bring it up here is because there is another part of our family that is also known as Churches of Christ (Instrumental). We are not as familiar with the wonderful work they have accomplished, with God's help, but you can learn more at www.worldconvention.org/resources/profiles.

If you have letters, journals, reports or other pieces of history that you would like to share, we would be delighted to receive them. After scanning the materials into pdf format, we will happily return them to you or, if you wish, we can send them to the Restoration Libraries located at several of our Christian universities. This will ensure that they are available to a wider audience.

If you want to add to these pages, but have not been appointed as one of the editors, please email bob@missionsconsulting.org.

Thank you.


Dr. Bob Waldron
Missions Consulting International
Hurst, TX 76054